Rumors have spread across Khorvaire, of the murmurs whispered by the sages. Soon, four of the cosmic planes will become coterminous with Eberron. This is rare even for a world so steeped in magic as Eberron. The astronomers and diviners have taken an academic interest to the subject, many remain unaware and oblivious… but there are some who have waited patiently and eagerly for this moment. This is the chance they have been waiting for.

There is trouble brewing across the continent but few know of its existence yet. Whispers of new organizations coming to rise are heard throughout the taverns. The possibility that these are cults of old also persist. However, few people truly take this to be a serious threat. Or perhaps they have already succumbed to a greater power.

North of the great city of Sharn, is a small trading settlement of Red Larch. The lightning rail speeds overhead as farmers tend to their fields. Red Larch has been simple but prosperous as a newer trading outpost. There are those who know that this town has a greater purpose in the grand scheme, as where one of the most dire times in the history of Eberron began.

It began on a humid night of Nymm outside of Lance Rock

The adventure begins!

Princes of the Apocalypse

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