Princes of the Apocalypse

"But seriously, who the hell are you people?"

Session 1

It was at Lance Rock where the paths of four travelers collided. The Elf Ryo, the Human Sandro, the Dragonborn Kilkax and the Drow Tinuviel. After about 25 minutes of Ryo awkwardly smiling at people without saying anything, it was revealed (Not by Ryo, who was too busy smiling) that most of them had been sent by one Kaylessa Irkell of Red Larch to deal with the disturbances at Lance Rock

Upon entering a cave right by Lance Rock, they found multiple signs warning travelers not to enter, lest they feel the fury of the “Lord of Lance Rock”. These warnings were promptly ignored

Several skeletons, falling rock traps and zombies in bear suits later, the party found themselves face to face with the mighty Oreioth. A necromancer who proclaimed himself the “Lord of Lance Rock” and who was, technically speaking, a raving loony. After a mad rant about how “The eye sees all” and something about the four elements that I don’t quite remember, the four collectively decided maybe they shouldn’t try to capture him peacefully. So they turned him into a small collection of body parts still lying deep in the cave. Not before he tried to possess a few party members however. But he failed. Because he sucks and is dumb

He appeared to be guarding a stash of money, which was split among the party, a wand, which Ryo picked up and an altar containing a magical orb with some glyphs hovering over it. The party attempted to interact with it, but upon picking up, all of its magical properties were lost, so they left it behind

Upon entering the nearby city of Red Larch, the party burst into The Swinging Sword, inquiring as to why the three were hired for one job. Kaylessa informed the party that they were not the first to venture forth, so precautions had to be taken. Tinuviel also let the party know that she had not been hired by Kaylessa and was in fact at Lance Rock for Oreioth’s wand, which the party elected to give her

As thanks for dealing with Oreioth, Kaylessa offered the party lodging for a modest price, which all accepted

That evening, the four got some drinks at The Helm at Highsun, where they all went around and gave some formal introductions. Upon leaving, Kilkax asked the bartender, Garlen Harlathurl for information, of which little was gathered. But also overheard was a halfling calling Kilkax a “lousy lizard”, which would likely have escalated had Tinuviel not dragged Kilkax out of the tavern

That night as the four lounged in the Swinging Sword, Kaylessa seemed visibly worried. After having been asked what was wrong, she divulged that strange things have been happening in Red Larch. And while she suspected they could be the doing of the Lord of Lance Rock, it seems she was mistaken, as two hooded figures wearing stone masks lurched by the Swinging Sword



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