Princes of the Apocalypse

Divine Intervention!

But there was fire, so it's probably Hell related

From the desk of the Reverend Dr. Kilkax of Argonnessen, Esq

Innkeeper owner’s Log: Day 2

This has turned out to be kind of a shit day. It started with more employees clamoring at our door begging for their jobs for the day. It actually must be kind of nice to not have the brain power necessary to do things like… remember your job or… eat. For larfs, we told someone to just shit themselves all day and they actually did. I’d feel sorry for Inglor if it wasn’t for what happened later – I’ll get to that.

So we got a knock on the door the previous night and were told we had like a shit ton of money stolen and I’m like… 60% sure none of us took it, so our first thought was to hunt down Gariena and Elvira. Tinuviel jumped at the notion of finding them and went back inside. Come to think of it, she might have just wanted to get away from the rabble…

BUT ANYWAY, they were in the lineup of workers for some reason. I sent them inside and TInuviel had a little chat with them. As that was going on, she also apparently found the key to the safe, which was a relief. I’d suspect one of us to have stolen the money in any other circumstance, but the keys probably would have been there anyway, so who knows?

After her discovery though, we all split up inside to look for any other clues. And once again, Tinuviel found a clue. And by a clue I mean money. It was Anora who actually found the clue. It was a letter to Thaelond written by either a group of six year olds who were writing with a piece of asparagus or a bunch of orcs. And as much as I would’ve liked for it to be that first thing, it was that second thing.

And then SPEAK OF THE DING DONG DIDDLY DEVIL there they were. They were like “WHO HERE IS KILKAX?” I thought it would be funny to shove Ryo in front of me, but my incalculable strength was obviously too much for him to handle as he stumbled and fell forward. It was hilarious. After he stammered for a bit, a line of communication was established and we got them to agree that they could take whatever they wanted from the safe before leaving, which they were happy to agree to.

Only problem was… the safe was empty.

They were suddenly not as happy.

I tried to give them literally anything to get them to not murder literally everyone. I offered them the whole inn, ‘cause Thaelund is not getting rid of me this easily. Then they were like “What about her?” and pointed at Anora. She then made her way over, only getting slightly stabbed and as a counter offer, she requested she… host a banquet for them or something.

They said no.

Instead they gave us a day to come up with the money. And as tempting as it was to try to scrounge up some earning and then die, we opted to find the info about the Dwarven books we came for and just dip and maybe murder Thaelond a little bit if we ever see him again.

Ryo and Tinuviel went into the city to see if anyone knew anything. I’m not entirely sure what they did out there, but I did see that Tinuviel’s coin purse seemed a little lighter and shewas NOT happy when they got back. If I didn’t know any better from the look on her face when the city went up in flames- DID I SAY THERE WAS A FIRE? WELL, READ ON THAT’S CALLED A HOOK

So I, along with Sandro and Anora stayed behind to see if there was any info we could gain there. There weren’t much folks helping out, but once Ryo and TInuviel got back, Anora and Ryo tried talking this moody woman who I’m pretty sure just wanted to be left alone. So I promptly sat down and also talked to her. We found that not only did she have information about the book; she had more of them with her! Awesome! We haggled with her a bit before Sandro escorted her to go get them. Sandro came back not a couple minutes later and tactfully told us that the ENTIRE CITY was ON FIRE. And by tactfully, I mean he started a mass panic. And it seems the woman just bolted which was kind of rude of her, honestly.

Elvira and Gariena jumped into Tinuviel’s cloak and my rucksack as soon as it seemed like things went sideways. So then we ran through the whole city trying to find our way to the docks to get a boat. We had a couple scuffles, but everyone came out relatively unharmed. Well, until Sandro and Anora stayed behind to help a stuck child. I didn’t hear anything, so they might be crazy. But they did have a child with them when I saw them, so probably not. Looks like they took some hits though due to all the falling rocks and rubble and FIRE

We all piled into the first boat we saw and Ryo used his scary good strength to row us out of there. I guess everyone’s vision was kind of blocked by the smoke, but I saw that fire elemental from before tearing up the city. To be honest, I was kind of wondering what happened to it. I was dead before I saw the end of that fight. Tinuviel breathed a massive sigh of relief when I told everyone what was happening. I’m just going to… give her the benefit of the doubt?

As I’m writing this, we’re still adrift. I can’t see the city anymore. Though one thing’s for sure

I’m retiring as an innkeeper



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