Princes of the Apocalypse

It's a rock, it floats

Session 2

The day after dealing with the Lord of Lance Rock, the party decides to follow up on some leads. Kilkax and Tinuviel visit the tanner and Ryo and Sandro question the stone mason. Both are awkward encounters that don’t really go anywhere.

After buying and checking some gear, they head to the quarry where they learn that the night shift workers have been seeing odd things. They also heard rumors of a nearby cave that might have treasure. They head to the cave where they’re promptly attacked by bats and Sandro almost died. It was a bust, there were no bandits or treasure.

They head back to town to recuperate and kill time before nightfall. At the Swinging Sword they talk to the preacher. Once night comes, Sandro and Tinuviel head into the quarry. As they speak to the workers about the strange goings on, Tinuviel spots a figure wearing a stone mask in the bushes. They rejoin Kilkax and Ryo at the quarry opening to relay what they saw, and as they are they hear screams. The workers vacate the quarry, and Tinuviel manages to track the masked figure back into town.
At the bar, Sandro and Tinuviel try to get information from the workers but Tinuviel manages to piss them all off so that didn’t work. They head back to the inn for the night.

They awake to yet more screams because the people in the town love to scream. They see a giant sink hole north of the inn, where 2 kids have fallen in with a cart. The party lowers Ryo into the hole to save them though the town Elders insisted they can handle it. Ryo saves them anyway, but not before he drops one of them. He discovers a stone door and a tunnel leading south back into the town. Ryo and Sandro investigate the door while Tinuviel and Kilkax go down the tunnel and discover a hatch. But they are terrible at stealth and get caught. Sandro and Ryo try to investigate whats beyond the door but forget torches exist, so the party reconvenes.

They all head into the door and discover more tunnels. The party encounters some rats and Ryo shows uncharacteristic fighting skills for a ranger, and everyone is suspicious about it except Kilkax. They forge on ahead and find a floating rock, everyone inspected it. It floated. Ryo tried to ride it. It didn’t work. Kilkax moved the rock. It no longer floated. In the next room they find a dwarven statue, and a ceremonial dagger with an inscription that Kilkax reads aloud.

Suddenly, the room is surrounded by enemies, and Tinuviel almost dies but gets her revenge by setting 2 of them on fire. Kilkax inspired the party and Sandro kicked in all the faces. They then meet Augustus, who guards the door to the floating rocks. He is very adamant that they don’t disturb the rocks, but the party does anyway. They are attacked by a man that Augustus calls the Earth Priest, but he escapes through a hidden door. Tinuviel finds a Maribar trading bar, and the party remembers the preacher telling them about a group of delegates carrying these bars. They were supposed to arrive in Red Larch, but he’s seen no sign of them.

They head back into town, with Kilkax and Tinuviel going to find the preacher to show him the ingot. At the inn, both Kaylessa and her assistant start to act very odd once they tell her why they’re looking for the preacher. At the bar, Ryo and Sandro talk (read: hit on) to a shepherd who tells them of mysterious graves that suddenly popped to the south east. He offered to show them in the morning.

They venture to the graves, where Kilkax and Tinuviel dig them up, much to the disdain of the other two. They discover the 4 bodies of the missing delegates. In the distance, Sandro spots a large tower surrounded by large birds.



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