Princes of the Apocalypse

Three Fights and a little lady

battle royal

After a gruelling fight with ‘Jerry’, we re-connect with our heroes behind the safety of a door. As per tradition, Sandro was almost dead and everyone else was pretty beaten up. Behind the door was darkness, weird echoing sounds, and crumbling walls – or so their hands would suggest. It was a cold and unwelcoming dungeon the likes of which will not be their last. Ryo lead the group, lighting the way with his staff as the new comer Anora flanked. After what seemed like hours of walking, the group finally landed upon a doorway to an abandoned room. Everyone decided this was a good a place as any to take a long rest and laid down their bedrolls.


Ryo took the first watch and meditated on the previous battle, once his watch was complete he went to wake Kilkax with a swift kick to the balls but thought better of it and gave him a forceful shove instead. Kilkax then took up his watch and also thought about the battle and his possible short comings in not better protecting his friend, Sandro. Once his watch was complete he went to rustle up Anora, and took the opportunity to give her some cut eye and a wistful threat of more chatting. Anora agreed to more chats and took up her watch. She kept one eye on the hallway and one eye on the new companions she had met, still unsure of their intentions. Once her watch was complete she went to wake Tinuviel but being new to the group, woke the wrong elf and got another dose of cut eye—this time from Ryo. After getting an earful about elf meditation she continued on, this time waking the right elf, Tinuviel, who swiftly took up her watch. Tinuviel invited Ryo to join her and team elf nattered on until the rest of the team woke. Sandro thankfully woke up fully healed, because as we all know the saying goes: “a long rest a day keeps the doctor away’.

The team then came up with a grand three step plan:
1) Save the captured delegates
2) Find a way out of the sacred stone monastery
3) Find out who runs this place

Before hitting the cobble stone, Anora told the story of her capture in Sacred stone. She claimed to be walking in the opposite direction of the delegates, but once their paths met she got caught up in a wrong place wrong time situation. The black earth cultists met head on with the air cult aka ‘men with birds’ and in the shuffle Anora was taken along with the delegates to the dungeon of Sacred stone. After a day or two in the dank dungeon everyone started to go a little mad. One delegate began to bang against the bars of Anora’s cell allowing a small space for her to squeeze out, in which she caught up with the TFA. Kilkax was skeptical of Anora’s story but a voice of God came over him and insured that she was not lying.


After forty years in desert the team finally hit some jail cells and a Sage Dwarf named Bruntheldar (aka Brendan). He corroborated Anora’s story, telling the group of his treacherous capture. He then went on to explain how the monastery used to be a castle, the monks are only brewing Brandi and the east wing is to be avoid at all costs. Weird distant chanting could be heard from time to time but the team decided to ignore the sounds and carry on. They split into two teams (freckles and butts). Team Freckles (Ryo/Sandro) went to search out an escape at a group of mossy stones they passed earlier. The others hung back and Kilkax suggested a passive aggressive game of 3 questions to learn more about Anora’s past, but didn’t get any really new information. Tinuviel then found a door and decided to take a sneaky peak inside. She saw one Uruk guard, so she slowly backed out and closed the door.

By this time, team Freckles rejoined the group by the jail cells having cleared the mossy stones and creating a clean exit leading to Beliard. The group formed a plan of escape and freedom for the delegates. They were to call out the guard using Brendan as a distraction. Tinuviel would then cast sleep on him from within the jail cell Anora broke out of earlier. Oceans 11 jazz music played as Tinuviel cast sleep on the guard, the music then stopped with a record scratch halt as the guard did not fall asleep and an Ogre/another Uruk appeared from behind the door. A battle royale then broke out with everyone coming close to death at one point or another. Luckily the Ogre was inept and couldn’t swing his club for shit so the team destroyed all three opponents. After robbing their barely cold corpse of any valuables, a set of keys was found and the delegates rang free. Everyone went to the exit and headed back to Beliard.


In Beliard the regular cast of characters appeared; Senya the busty bar maid and Ned Thark the barkeep. The group decided they would need assistance if they were to crash into the monastery again, so they went to the dwarf. Brendan not having any help or supplies on hand suggested the group look for some help else where. They decided to take a day’s journey to Summit Hall to gain some backup.

After a rather brutal chat with the matron of Summit Hall she allowed the group two knights for Ten days’ time. Kilkax then added insult to injury by promising to have the knights back in good health 100% no lies. The matron left the group with a sassy quip and they were back on their way to Beliard, this time with two new additions Bob and Thob.


The journey back to the monastery was long but finally the group reached the secret entrance of the tunnel marked with a rock in the shape of Ryan Gosling. Not wasting any time, the group re-entered the monastery and made their way back to the jail cells. Along the way two giant Minotaur’s (aka mad cows) were found guarding the hallway to the staircase. The battle rang out with the mad cows. They stood no chance against the team with Kilkax’s amazing dagger catch in his teeth and Thob’s final killing blow for the honour of the dying Bob. The group decided it best to leave Bob in the jail cell hidden from plain view, hoping he would make a recovery and the matron would never need to know.


Now heading back upstairs towards the distillery aka distilleru, weird uniform dwarven chanting was heard. The gang decides to do a bit of exploring while the coast seems clear, checking in the room of ‘she who will not be named’ and a locked door. After Kilkax failed attempts with his lock pick the group moved on to what appeared to be a classroom. The group explored and luckily Anora found a scroll for ‘Knock’ leading the group to try the locked door once more. Inside the room was a laboratory with an ancient figure scribbling at a table. Was he a Lich - time will tell as he did not seem to be in a good mood, so the gang backed out quietly leaving him to his work.

The chanting by this point was only getting louder and weirder. After following the sounds to a select door the chanting came to an eerie halt. The group walked through the door only to find all the Sacred Stone monks dead in massive pools of blood. Only two guards, Helenrae and the monk Quarbo still stood alive and well. The group now releasing the shit-storm they walked into, prepared for their boss battle. There were clouds of smoke created and Sandro beheaded a guard with one foul swoop. Everyone was attentive to not to kill the monk as he needed to be questioned still on the truths of Tinuviel’s family’s death. After the guards were killed and the monk put to sleep, Ryo force pushed Helenrae down into the pit where our good friend Jerry, from the beginning of this journey, lives. Thus coming full circle.

The group celebrated momentarily until Thob thoughtfully reminded the group that Bob was still in the dungeon by himself.

Will Bob be saved; will Tinuviel be able to control herself while questioning the Monk? Will the group be able to once again escape the monastery? All will soon be revealed …




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