Princes of the Apocalypse

We run a what now?

The classic tale of friendship and frenemies alike

We enter back on the scene in camp Garienna and Elvira with everyone standing around the now inert dragon shard. There were attempts to try and grab a piece of it for (cough) research purposes but with only two daggers and the fragons laughing at our meager attempts everyone decided against it. The group did however decide to return to the original plan and head on to Womford. There was the dwarven book that needed sorting and some gems that needed evaluating. Overall everyone was ready to move on from the festival from hell.
Garienna added that she could possibly be of some help in womford, so she and Elvira would join TFA on the journey forward. They would however have to transform from Fragons as people may try to pokeball them (for shame). She then blew up the amazing tents everyone built the night before in a display of her awe inspiring magical talents. The fire, although disheartening, reminded everyone of Anora and they turned to face her with some questions on her fiery past. Anora still in shock from being thrust in the air and compelled by a dragon shard not but a few hours ago, decided to open up to the group. She hoped she would not scare off her new potential friends and with a semi vote of confidence she began to tell her tale. She explained of her life as a child travelling with her mom who was a dancer (and no not that kind of dancer) and the event that led her to flee her family and hit the road for more answers (check Anora’s bio for more info). The group was satisfied with Anora’s tale, and while some are still skeptical the F in TFA definitely now stands for five ;) This is where things get interesting as the group hits the road and traveled onto Womford.

Our lovely fairy dragon friends were becoming tired in their non-dragon forms so Tinuvial and Sandro opted for carrying them and keeping them hidden until they could change form again. As a light rain began to form the gang reached Womford and were all sufficiently creeped out. Nothing about this town seemed right but alas we had a mission to complete and nothing could be as bad as a demon fire elemental ‘festival’ right?
Upon entering Womford Kilkax suddenly remembered that he had actually been to Womford before and took point on leading the group around. After a long day of travel everyone was ready to find a place to rest and so it was time to re-transform our dragon friends. After failing several times to find the perfect dirty alley for the deed, a southern alley proved fruitful with a classic dead end and Kilkax, Ryo, and Anora kept watch. This is when a very sketchy old beggar woman appeared and asked for some cold hard cash. Kilkax and Anora pretended not to hear the woman as Ryo skillfully dropped some coin in her hand without making unnecessary contact in case she was ughhhh contagious …
With everyone now appearing human the journey continued on to the biggest looking building which seemed like a keep but was actually an inn. Once inside everyone hit the pub for some food, mead, and the chance to finally sit down.
This is when things got weird. Kilkax snuck off to the bar for some mysterious banter and came back to a rowdy bunch ready to start some more in-fighting about secrets being with held. After some bathroom chats were had and things started to settle, Kilkax explained that he found us all a place to stay and just in the nick of time as the fragons were beginning to transform back into, well fragons. We found our selves at a door with 3 red tear drops wondering if Kilkax had signed us all up to a new gang. Once the door was opened however we were all amazed to see a kick ass pad pimped out to the nines. Everyone but Anora decided to get piss drunk and Kilkax was summoned to do some plumbing back at the bar to his chagrin.
Once morning hit everyone was pleasantly surprised to smell bacon being cooked by Sandro who was oddly chipper after such a night of debauchery. His drinking buddies were a little less chipper upon awaking. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The group as if all suffering from PTSD hit the floor and cautiously opened the door expecting nothing but trouble behind it. To their surprise the entire town was bustling just outside. Peasants of all kind were awaiting their daily tasks to be divvied out. This is when we discovered that Kilkax signed us all up to run an Inn for a good 3 days and our sitcom theme music began to roll. The peasants, with a collective IQ of 12, finally received their tasks for the 3 days and we all took up new leadership rolls. Ryo headed to the stables, Sandro to the bar, Tinuviel to the docks, Anora to the seamstress, and Kilkax in punishment continued his custodial duties from the night before.
After a hard day of work everyone met back at the bar for a cold pint and a warm meal. Just as everyone started to unwind Ingor the grounds keeper came up and explained how Kilkax should have a set of master keys on him and it didn’t seem ominous at all. Then a scream from a back room was heard. It was further explained that a small crew of ‘the church of the silver flame’ were back there in a private room doing God knows what. Kilkax, Anora, and Sandro went to go check things out and Ryo and Tinuviel went to go check on the Fragons as we kind of forgot they were even still with us. Things got heated with the silver flame and Sandro almost lost his shit after seeing a helpless man with an unfortunate butt hat getting his fingers cut off for no reason at all? Anora helped to keep him in check and lying through her teeth, promising that the true inn keepers would be back with in the next two days. They all reconvened back at the house of 3 blood drops making a plan to slip out of the town later the next day to avoid what trouble seemed to be brewing.
Everyone went to sleep thinking just how complicated things had gotten and that’s when a knock was heard at the door. Anora woke up with Kilkax just behind and opened the door. Chilaska, her “swords” (one of them from the silver flame) and some locals barged in and began to throw around accusations that the TFA crew had stolen some important items as they had the master key and a shadowy figure was seen running out of the building. This is about the point where Anora and Kilkax had a dual panic attack and went into full bullshit mode knowing they did not have the key now or ever for that matter. After patching together a good enough cover up, Chilaska and crew decided that TFA was in the clear but more questioning would come later if the key was not presented to them. They left closing the door and Kilkax and Anora magically heard someone from upstairs in their sleep whisper “the fragons can transform into people …” and that’s when the group collectively thought OH SHIT WE’RE FUCKED, cause the fragons probably stole that shit while we were running an inn (cough Kilkax cough)! Just as everyone else began to wake up another knock was heard at the door. Kilkax forcefully opened it expecting only the worse and found the entire village bustling outside again, waiting to be assigned their daily rolls again (collective IQ at a 6).



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