Princes of the Apocalypse

Worst. Week. Ever.

The training wheels are off!

Dear Diary,

We woke to a new day in Red Larch, after a tumultuous week of conspiracies that left a lot of people either incarcerated or dead. Following Gaelkur‘s tip, we planned to set out to Beliard but before that, went for some last minute shopping. We gathered more supplies like spellbooks, a Genealogical History of Mirabar, some rations and a healer’s kit. Just in case. On our way to Ironhead’s we bid goodbye to Gaelkur, as he was leaving for his long jaunt out of the continent. He left us with wise words regarding picking fights and when to back down. After a quick equipment assessment by Feng, we spoke to Kaylessa one last time before venturing out of town. We encountered a wee lad just outside, who hurled a tomato at poor Ryo. Turned out to be Elak’s grandchild, and he was quite upset. Well, good thing we’re leaving, then.
The first couple of days went quietly by; most of us reflected the entire time on this strange fellowship we haphazardly formed. Later on, we engaged a hungry Owlbear, whom we laid waste to, while Ryo remained blissfully unaware for the most part. That went well, the only mishap being a traumatised Kilkax and an electrocuted Paladin. We contemplated on eating the dead creature JUST TO SEND A MESSAGE TO OTHER OWLBEARS, but decided on having Tinuviel burn a warning on the ground, instead.

At night, we made camp while Kilkax played some garbled noise that struck fear into our very hearts. At least it kept the owlbears away.

The next days were cloudy. We spent some time inspecting the gold mask—only to find out that it wasn’t even real gold! Tinuviel seemed to recognise it being similar to the one of her family’s attacker. She looked crestfallen and remained silent throughout the night.

On the 6th day, we encountered this subjectively hideous ogre in the distance. Tinuviel tried to put it to sleep twice, but did not work. Running away from it was not an option, either; this ogre was an Olympic gold medallist. I managed to restrain it, while Kilkax blinded him and Tinuviel nuked the bugger. Team Freckles laid the smack-down on the ogre, with Ryo doing his fancy footwork. It was a sight to behold. Later at camp, we tried questioning Ryo again about his strange martial prowess, but he shut us down. He did, however, share secrets with Kilkax in the dark.
We neared the small village of Beliard, and headed to the tavern to gather information for our mission. The bar wench, Zenia, graciously provided us with information and a great view, but not before giving Ryo A BONER TO REMEMBER. She recognised the gold mask, seeing a similar one worn by a monk who was spying on the delegates. She pointed us to Summit Hall in the Black Caps. She also mentioned Knights in sky blue armour and birds of unusual size. The next day, we headed up north, spotting a scorched battlefield on the way and decided to investigate. We found the same cultist robes and masks in a nearby cairn and took them with us.
We reached Summit Hall and spoke to the Elder of the stronghold, she told us that the delegates never made it to the temple, but saw the mask and said we should head up to a monastery further north. We divulged information on the bodies found near Dragon’s Crown, and the Elder said that these were not the delegates, but their bodyguards, meaning that there was still hope that the delegates were still alive. She bade us good fortune on our mission and we pressed on.

We arrived at the Sacred Stone Monastery and noticed the strange and deathly pale Dwarven guards circling the perimeter. Decided to tiptoe around the fortress, inspecting for entryways but found none and the door was locked, so we waited to confront the guards who were quite hostile and forced us to back down. That night, we fabricated a plan via using the acquired masks and robes on Ryo and Tinuviel, while Kilkax would use a glamour and let me seemingly “meld” with the image. With that, we settled for the night, taking turns to keep watch. I woke up from some ominous dream but felt relief as the freckled face of Ryo greeted me instead. The guards had not deviated in the usual patrol, but disappeared at some point, so we decided to attempt entry through the back door.

Ryo parkoured over the wall and let us into the garden, where we saw very life-like gargoyle statues. Our attempt at subterfuge worked until Kilkax misstepped and exposed our guise. He quickly put his glamour back on without me, and everyone else resumed inspecting the statues—who started moving on their own! No one noticed this until I started getting mauled by two of them. Trying on the mask did not deter the attack, so we desperately made a break for the inner door. We narrowly escaped the vile demons and now I am lying in a pool of my own blood.

Yours truly,
Sandro XVII

P.S. I’m dying.



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