Sandro XVII

The Holy Sassmaster


Alessandro Ildefonse Latarnia XVII
23 years old, born on the 5th of Eyre in 978 YK. Platinum blond hair, honey beige skin with dustings of freckles across, and amber eyes that glow like gold saucers in the right light. 6’1" and 174 lbs of pretty boy.

Personality: A reformed asshole, he finally grew out of being an annoying and smug git though he’s still working on keeping the heightist prejudice down. Ever the vibrant and intrepid young man but with more experience and an acquired caution. Has a penchant for cheeky remarks, flirts whenever he can and may come off as another vain noble, but he has a good heart and very loyal to his family and friends. Not afraid to sacrifice for his allies, yet wants to live for the sake of his loved ones. At times he feels a little lost in the world, not knowing where he fits, so he freely roams the land looking for adventure—something to keep the glimmer in his soul going.

Other things to note:
* Not one to give out his full name on his travels. After all, it is easy to trace back a nobleman’s name and cause harm to his family.
* Has a long scar that runs across his stomach, a product from the last adventuring mishap that resulted in a prompt evisceration and a near-death experience. That very much took the "Lawful Dumbass" out of his system.
* Likes to write letters to his parents or his good friend, Torben, about his adventures. It also serves to inform them that he's alive and thriving. Sometimes, he dabbles in drawing to pass the time…usually if all other duties are done.


Born in the old continent of Sarlona, where his family fled the creeping darkness and strife that had consumed the land when he was but a wee child. After weeks of braving the stormy seas, they landed on the shores of Khorvaire, where they made a new start in the high society of Aundair. That was about 20 years ago, when war still raged in the land. His father, Fernan, saw a chance to get into the good graces of their new home; enlisting in the army and eventually joining the ranks of the Knights Arcane. Sandro, too, would one day follow in his father’s steps as a knight of the same Order.

His formative years were split amongst various things; between schooling, his interest in his father’s vocation and noble social functions, rest assured little Sandro was kept on his toes throughout his childhood. His mother, Eugenie, made sure her son would know the value of hard-work as they had known the hardship and sacrifice that had kept them alive and grounded The few times he did get to enjoy being a child involved listening and learning about various tales of adventure and peril from his parents’ detailing of their exodus from their homeland and of the Kalashtar, or from his gloomy tutor—a man named Gar Shatterkeel, who his parents had saved from some ocean wreckage on their way to Khorvaire. From him, he learned the Primordial language. Gar would often show or tell him about the grim and awful things out in the world, but that never deterred young Sandro’s curiosity; he was a ray of light drawn to dark shadows. Often times he’d pester passing adventurers in town to share their stories, planting seeds of wonder in his young mind that would later influence great decisions in his adult life. Years passed and he went on to pursue a long-time ambition of his.

He worked hard to make his family proud; being the only child and sole heir to the family name put quite a bit of pressure on him. Nonetheless, before his 19th year, he managed to pass all the trials and become an official member of the Knights Arcane. A year into this, he started to recall hazy memories of a home long-forgotten: flashes of people running in terror, fighting day and night and an ever-present sense of dread. While it wasn’t enough to give him nightmares, he did wake up in a cold sweat from time to time—even more aware that something was wrong in the world and he needed to get involved. He deliberated on these troubling portents that seemed to progress to sinister happenings of the current times and found the answer when he came to a temple of the Sovereign Host. Realizing his new purpose, he set about to gain a military discharge from his superiors—a really arduous task. As Sandro would put it, “It was a goddamn pain in the ass.” But several long persuasions and an Aundairian duel later, he managed to leave the Order without burning any bridges. There may have been a few people unhappy with it, but the rest allowed it to happen.

At 21, he swore himself as a Paladin of the Light in the service of Dol Arrah and set out on a lifetime of adventure. He occasionally returns home when he can, but almost always gets back on the road where he knows he’s most useful. The light of the Sun is with him and he intends on chasing away the dour shadows that permeate the land and haunt his dreams.

Present time: The Adventures of Sir Alessandro

Having left his previous party of almost a year due to…very bad chemistry, he returned home to Aundair with his new best friend Torben Walker, the imposing battle cleric that saved his life previously. There he stayed for a couple of months to recover from the physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma he sustained from those travels. He’s obviously still bitter about whatever happened but maybe one day he’ll get over the heightist prejudice.

At the beginning of Nym 1001 YK, he set off from the family estate, once again in search of a life of purposeful adventure. Torben elected to stay to continue his studies, so it’s just Alessandro now. Upon reaching a town called Red Larch, he picked up a small quest and subsequently ran into fellow adventurers: Ryo, a sun elf monk posing as a ranger, a dragonborn bard named Kilkax, and a drow wizard named Tinuviel who happened to show up of her own volition.

Together, they get dragged into a bigger scheme involving sinister cults and the elemental unrest. Later on they met the sorceress, Anora, and a peculiar warforged that goes by Nameless.

Recently, Sandro discovered that his old tutor, Gar Shatterkeel, has been leading the Cult of the Crushing Wave. This sudden twist has thrown him into a state of denial, confusion and worry. Fond nostalgia still clouds his image of a man who now carries a darker agenda. He wants to know why and hopes to find Gar sooner and learn the truth.

Sandro XVII

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