- 5 foot small
- 130 years old
- Obsidian skin
- Liliac eyes
- Long silver hair that is usually kept in a loose braid
- Has dimples and various scars on her body from the attack. The most notable one being on the bridge of her nose
- She wears a fingerbone around her neck in memory of her family and the closure she was denied

- Takes time to warm up to new people, but is very loyal once you gain her trust
- Spends most of her free time going through arcane books
- Is very protective of her spell book. She makes sure it's safe at all times and doesn't let it out of her reach
- Although a noble, she doesn’t hold herself above everyone else, unlike most of her race
- She follows her own goals with little regard for what people think of her
- She can’t help being snarky and mischievous. Years growing up under noble pressure and in near isolation except for noble gatherings will do that to you
- After the death of her family, and finding out why they died, she lost part of herself. She let her anger flow and showed a side that she never really knew existed. At first she felt she was justified in torturing the cult leader, but she now feels guilt about it
- Finds solace in writing letters about her adventures addressed to her dead brother

- Gets rather annoyed from being dirty all the time from being on the road and fighting. She’s still getting used to her clothes and hair never being clean.
- Though her intentions are good, they way she goes about doing things could be considered evil when necromancy is involved. She knows people oppose it, but she’ll continue to study it as she feels it helps her achieve her goals and help others.


Born to Lady Triel and Lord Yasda of house Dariiani, Tinuviel grew up in comfort along with her older brother Dirzaer. As a child, she was very carefree and loved to explore the nearby forest with her brother where they would catch frogs and lightning bugs. She would often return home dirty, which annoyed her mother to no end.

Growing up, she was constantly told how a proper lady should behave and would take classes on a variety of noble things in preparation of the possibility of one day leading a house, whether it be hers or her future betrothed. She hated it. She just wanted to study the arcane and learn how to focus her magic with her tutors. This attitude often brought shame to her parents, but they could do little to convince her otherwise often leaving her to her books.

She was usually found in her room, the library or at her favorite tree in the forest. Unlike when she was a child, she became very reserved and quiet. While she did enjoy the events her family attended, she was often found watching instead of participating. She struggled with the manipulation and intolerance her race is known for.

During her studies, she started to become fascinated with the balance between life and death, so she began training as a necromancer with the help of her tutor. Her parents didn’t approve of this, but knew she would do it no matter what they said. She learned to use her skills so as not to exploit the dead, but to aid the living with the help of those who have passed.

Tinuviel knew that one day she would be expected to marry to secure an alliance with another house, she resented her parents when they told her the time had come. Though she didn’t frown at the thought of marriage, she would have preferred it be on her own terms to someone she loved. Her heart belonged to a young elf who lived on the farm near her home, her name was Shaela.. She hated not having a chance to be with someone she wanted to be with.

When the time came to meet her betrothed she set out with her mother, brother, and a handful of guards. She was nervous and angry, which led her to bicker with her mother for most of the journey. Half way to their destination, they were ambushed on the road by a group clad in robes and gold masks. They had the element of surprise and her party stood no chance. She tried to fight back but it was no use as they quickly over powered her. As she watched her family being cut down in front of her, she faked her death in hopes they would soon take what they wanted from their wagon and leave.

She laid there for hours waiting until she was sure they were long gone. She sat and wept for her family as she tended to her wounds, lucky to not be hurt too badly. She took what was left from the wagon and set off to a small farmhouse they had past not long before. She begged the man to help, if only to bury her family’s bodies somewhere safe until she could reach her father. The man agreed and after the deed was done, he offered her shelter for the night to heal and rest before she travelled back home.

She travelled alone, often hitching rides on passing wagons in exchange for the food she had left. She reached her home and told her father what happened. She vowed to him that she would find the group who attacked them and avenge Triel and Dirzaer. She showed him where they were buried on a map, and a group of guards were sent to retrieve their bodies so they could be given a proper funeral

. After the funeral, she prepared to set out to find answers. Her father was reluctant to let her go alone but she was determined. She travelled from town to town trying to find any leads. In Red Larch she learned of a weapon in a nearby cave that might help her on her mission. Realizing it was something she greatly needed she set about retrieving it.

In the cave she met Ryo, Sandro and Kilkax and agreed to join them because there is safety in numbers, and to get revenge she desperately needed the numbers on her side.

Tinuviel was initially with them only for safety and convenience, but fighting alongside them she eventually started caring for the group of misfits, which would later include Anora. She felt like she didn’t have to live up to any standards with them which was a breath of fresh air. She would protect them with her life and help them as they had helped her.

Her only wish now is to help find out what is going on with the elementals, and to get back home and be with Shaela.


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