Deities of Eberron

The Sovereign Host
Arawai Goddess of Fertility
Aureon God of Law and Knowledge
Balinor God of Beasts and the Hunt
Boldrei Goddess of Community and Home
Dol Arrah God of Sunlight and Honor
Dol Dorn God of Strength at Arms
Kol Korran God of Trade and Wealth
Olladra Goddess of Good Fortune
Onatar God of Craft

The Dark Six
The Devourer God of Nature’s Wrath
The Fury Goddess of Wrath and Madness
The Keeper God of Greed and Death
The Mockery God of Violence and Treachery
The Shadow God of Dark Magic
The Traveler Deity of Chaos and Change

Other Faiths
The Silver Flame Deities of Protection and Good
The Blood of Vol Philosophy of Immortality and Undeath
Cults of the Dragon Below Deities of Madness
The Path of Light Philosophy of Light and Self Improvement
The Undying Court Elven Ancestors
The Spirits of the Past Elven Ancestors

NonHuman Deities
Moradin Dwarf God of Creation

Deities of Eberron

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