Princes of the Apocalypse

Everybody's Got Ghosts and Shit

Well damn, we sure have gotten ourselves into a pickle. The boat we were in was less a boat than a glorified piece of flotsam. We spent most of the time trying to keep ourselves warm, along with our two dragon friends. Halfway through, we noticed Sandro acting peculiar. Turns out he was hella sick, from what? Who knows? We took off his armor and wrapped him in our trusty bear suit as we tried to get to land as fast as we could.

We came upon Glyphstone Keep early that morning, which looked very old and had an impassable gate. Before deciding on how we should get in there, I conjured my trusty raven familiar, Edgar, to scout out ahead. Through his eyes I saw the empty keep grounds and a large shipping boat. It looked promising, but we weren’t sure how many people were in there, if there were any at all.

As everyone bickered on how to make ourselves known, I got annoyed and shot a fireball into the air. I just wanted to be out of that damn dingy and to get warm. The flare worked, and we heard the most dickish voice to ever dick. The guard, Resh (Rhys? I didn’t care to learn his name,) well he didn’t want us there, we tried the sympathy angle and the work for our keep angle, but he was stubborn in his want to not help us. Anora finally convinced him to let us in by telling him about Womford and our friend who was currently shaking hands with Death.

He lets us use the stable, which was a shithole. But our knight in shining blue armor appeared in the form of Shaolar who lets us use his boat. He’s a Genasi, and we were all wet, and not just from the boat ride lemmetellyou.


Even though our lust is great, we learned from Elizar, and we remain suspicious of him. At this point, we’d be suspicious of our reflections we’ve been dicked around so much. It doesn’t help that Ryo starts to hear voices, and Anora’s hands get toasty. Is there ANOTHER dragonshard? Nah, we’ll get to that barrel of worms later.

Ryo get nervous about his sick back tattoo and asks me if I can look at it. We hide behind some nearby barrels, and I find nothing unusual. The first mate, Pike, starts judging us so hard. Meanwhile, Shaolar comes back upstairs (I didn’t even realize he’d left), and is surprised we’re still awake. I am too, to tell you the truth. He offers us the choice between dice or cards.

We choose dice, though Ryo declines and check on Sandro. After a few games of Gladiator, we’ve lost a mountain of gold. I get suspicious of his dice and he lets us examine them. I still didn’t buy it, but I know when to stop gambling (though not really since I lost pretty much all my money), and I left the table to check on Sandro and Ryo.

As Anora and Kilkax play cards and talk about their pasts with Shaolar, the three of us have a heart to heart in the corner. They try to get me to make a move on hot blue guy, I get all high school insecure. It ends up with us getting pretty deep. I think we bonded.

During the game, Shaolar reveals that he and Pike were in the navy and helped move people on the day of mourning. He now ships cargo to super sketchy clients. Pretty sure Anora and Kilkax weren’t listening much, as they were too focused on how improbable Shaolar’s hands were. After losing both his money and dignity, Kilkax was left to put two and two together and realize how Shaolar cheated by rigging the deck.

He is determined to win everything back, so he borrows my cards to act as a neutral deck. Though, I think this is a hella dumb idea, I give them to him. He tries to persuade Shaolar to play again by wagering 2 gems and a ring. After a long back and forth, he agrees after Kilkax butters him up about liking the finer things. The wager was that whoever wins keeps everything, from past games as well.

Shaolar is unconvinced, so Anora shows leg. He drops a sick burn by telling her that he’s seen better legs on whores. Thankfully, a bell clangs from above, ending the Kilkax’s losing gambling battle. (Moral of the story: don’t gamble kids)

Shaolar tells us that this signifies that Grimjaw wants to see us. I guess he’s the leader of the keep, though his name leaves a lot to be desired. Did he buy that name from the goth store? Whatever, point is, the Silver Flame are back. Remember those racist assholes? They are demanding to be let in, while Sandro throws up all the middle fingers at them.

Thank the gods that Resh (Rhys?) is a dick and tells them to gtfo. They get more demanding, not even saying please. Anora wind whispers to him, telling him to not let them in because they suck. I guess it works since he walks away. Shaolar notices our obvious hate for them, and talks to the Silver Flame.

They demand some more, and he delivers more sick burns about their “righteous and true” ideals. He was pretty awesome, and tells Grimjaw they aren’t welcome. Grimjaw agrees and tells them to gtfo, they threaten to bring their army. Shaolar is like eh so. They threaten some more and Shaolar capsizes their boat with a snappy one-liner.

Shaolar asks if they were following us, we don’t know but we reveal we met them in Womford and they were super racist. He returns our money all of it PLUS INTEREST because of us being able to deal with assholes like that. Wow that guy is awesome and attractive. As this goes on, the people in and around the keep start to work, and Ryo and and Sandro go for a walk.

During their walk, Ryo gets a horrible vision of people dying in the keep (it’s intense), and he becomes quite shaken. When Sandro tries to help him, he notices that Ryo’s back is BURNING. Sandro is all “YOURE HOT, I MEAN FLAMING, GAH YOUR BACK THO”

The rest of us decide to explore the keep, but that doesn’t last very long because Anora falls off the battlements into the water. She’s pulled by the current against the grates that lead under the keep. The water around her starts to bubble, like she’s in a witch’s soup pot. We fashion a rope line to help her, and I mage hand it over. As soon as Anora touches it, the rope burns and becomes useless. I remember what Shaolar did to the Silver Flame’s boat and I book it to his ship.

I’m ashamed to say that my articulation was that of a child, and when I found him the conversation went something like:
S: Eh, Whaa? Ok.

Once he gets to where Anora is, he manipulates the water and guides her to shore. As we sit on the bank, we all wonder: What the fuck is up with this keep? Are there ghosts? Are they mad?




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