Anora Bray

Fiery human sorceress/dancer



Age: 24
Height: 5’6
Weight: 140
eyes: green
Hair: Silver/white
skin: olive

extras to note:

-wears a simple gem necklace at all times (given to her by her mother)
-wears red ribbons (dancing ribbons) tied around her wrists

Anora has a few flecks of golden scales across her chest, shoulders, and back (which formed during her younger yrs around age 13). She usual tries to hide them under clothes/armour as to avoid questioning, for she herself has few answers about them.


Anora is the epitome of the saying ‘watch out for the quite ones’. She likes to think before she acts as to make the right move the first time. She is very smart and cunning but works much better in a one to one basis. Anora is someone you want to have on your side as she is very protective of her friends and family and can ‘hulk’ out if provoked enough.
This being said she is not perfect and has her own misgivings. She is very hard on herself and past events have lead her to have a bit of a guilt complex. She has since hardened herself and is less open/a bit more cut throat then past Anora might have been. She has a flashfire-temper when provoked (mostly seen in combat) but she’s very level-headed around other people, stemming from her dealings with royals or rich families etc. (as an entertainer).
Over all, Anora is fun loving and likes to have a good time as much as the next person. She loves to meet new people, learn new things, and put a smile on peoples faces.


Since birth Anora has lived a life of travel with her mother (Allete Bray) who is an amazing and sought after dancer. Anora never knew her father and when she would ask about him, her mother would always say “the detail were unimportant, he had died before her birth and that was that”. Anora and her mother travelled around for most of her life never settling into one place for too long. Anora along the way picked up the dancing bug and though she was not as ‘classical’ as her mother she too became quite the sought after dancer. Her and her mother would even preform a special duet together using dancers ribbons which was the envy of any event not privy to the spectacle. Having travelled so much Anora calls many places home but the port city of Passage in Aundair, always holds a special place in her heart. Her and her mother would stay at her grandmother house (Adela Bray) in between performances there and Anora was always happy to go back so she could ride her grandmothers horses and re-visit old friends.

When Anora was in her 20th year however everything changed for her. Her mother was performing at an event in a town like most others they had travelled to. This town however felt oddly familiar to Anora, giving her waves of deja vu and just the general creeps . The night of the wedding Anora decided not to attend the festivities as she was not feeling well and opted to go to bed early. She didn’t get much sleep however as she tossed and turned having the weirdest and most intense dreams. She awoke only a few hours later in a cold sweat, shaking, overcome with a weird and unfamiliar sensation. The room she was in was burning with yellow flames and as she narrowly escaped outside she found the entire village to be in flames. Luckily most of the villagers would be at the event and no one was killed but Anora was beyond reprieve from her anguish. No one could have guessed that Anora was to blame but throughout the years these experiences kept happening and the guilt was just too much.

Anora decided she needed to go out on her own before she hurt more people and even killed someone she loved. So at the age of 20 she left her mother behind and has been on the run to find answers and gain control ever since. She contuined to dance on her own and hopes to find answers to some of her most ‘burning’ questions.

Anora Bray

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