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  • Eldras Tantur

    Eldras is a plain dealing sort who knows little of the goings on as he is so rarely away from his forge. He has three children, a son and two daughters, who work with him in the forge. His wife, Laefra, orders the metals via the merchants she deals …

  • Haeleeya Hanadroum

    Haeleeya is a gossip who keeps her own council. Her bathhouse is very busy but she does make some money from her dress shop. She caters to local women seeking dresses for special occasions.

  • Albaeri Mellikho

    Albaeri is a pot-bellied and usually jovial whirlwind of a woman. She oversees work in the quarry, cajoling and cursing the sweating stonecutters here.

  • Iraun Thelder

    Iraun is a one eyed stablemaster who works for the Swinging Sword. He was once a mercenary warrior.

  • Phaendra Chansyrl

    Phaendra is a steady supplier to merchants up and down the Long Road. She wears carved and stamped leather armor of her own making as a sort of walking advertisement. With the sharp knives, awls, and punches she wears in custom sheaths at her belt and …

  • Nahaeliya Drouth

    Nahaeliya has built up her business by being a trusted supplier across the valley. She is not interested in the "dangers of the wilderlands" and "nonsense like dark magic". She inherited the business from her father.

  • Elak Dornen

    Elak Dornen is a stern and inflexible man. He is a hard master to some twenty workers and he insists on keeping excellent records.

  • The Mhandyvvers

    Minthra is the matriarch of the family and runs the poultry shop with her three grown children. She has the demeaner of a kindly old dodderer but is sharper than she would initially let on.

  • Ilmeth Waelvur

    Ilmeth is a hard drinking sullen man who doesn't care for the troubles of others. The Thelorns are his hated rivals. He has a cluttered workyard out back.

  • Marlandro Gaelkur

    Gaelkur is a shopkeeper and a barber. Your best description of him would be slimy and sleazy. He is a skilled engraver who used to work in Sharn as a jewellers apprentice.

  • Ulhro Luruth

    Luruth is the proprietor of Luruth's Tannery. Years of exposure to the tanning chemicals has left him without a sense of smell. He and his five loyal assistants work here.

  • Anora Bray

    Since birth Anora has lived a life of travel with her mother (Allete Bray) who is an amazing and sought after dancer. Anora never knew her father and when she would ask about him, her mother would always say “the detail were unimportant, he had died …

  • King Boranel ir'Wynarn

    Born into the aristocracy with his lineage tied to King Jarot, Boranel ir'Wynarn was groomed for leadership from birth. Boranel was crowned in 961, in what seemed like Breland's darkest days. His two elder brothers were killed in fighting on the …

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