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  • Kilkax

    * Stolen as an egg from Morgrave University in Sharn by Bernadette Hawklight (human), which she intended to fetch a high price for, until he hatched unexpectedly * Raised by Bernadette in secret, during which was taught how to play the viol, something …

  • Tinuviel

    Born to Lady Triel and Lord Yasda of house Dariiani, Tinuviel grew up in comfort along with her older brother Dirzaer. As a child, she was very carefree and loved to explore the nearby forest with her brother where they would catch …

  • Anora Bray

    Since birth Anora has lived a life of travel with her mother (Allete Bray) who is an amazing and sought after dancer. Anora never knew her father and when she would ask about him, her mother would always say “the detail were unimportant, he had died …

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